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Hybridisations and Contexts

Hybridisations and Contexts ( is a programme for articulating web projects between art centres or spaces and art and design colleges: entities that differ in their everyday activities, yet share the aim of fomenting relationships between art, education, context and connecting to society.

The title of the programme gives an idea of how and on what basis the projects will be developed. While the concept of hybridisation refers to inter-, trans- or post-disciplinary questions, context places us in a specific location, a precise moment in time and particular social interactions. Hybridisations and Contexts activates collaborative processes that take place annually during the academic year.

For this first edition, MACBA has collaborated with the Institut Celestí Bellera and the creator Marta Galán. The project analyses works that use the methodology of performance: interdisciplinary practices, without specific codes, open to visual, musical and theatrical influences, and to images and processes of everyday life, popular culture and social and gender activism.

On Thursday 5 May, and as a result of two-months’ work, the following action took place: CONNACTIONS: una performance colectiva (CONNACTIONS: a collective performance), by the students of Performing Arts Baccalaureate.

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This initiative promotes collaboration between the main cultural facilities and schools (nursery, primary and secondary) in the Raval district, with the aim of developing innovative classroom projects adapted to the different situations of each school and that become part of their academic curriculum.

Interactive networks will be created between teaching staff in schools and the educational departments of the cultural institutions with the aim of generating customised proposals and the promotion of joint actions tailored to each curricular need.

The aim is to attract neighbourhood students to the main cultural institutions of the Raval.

- Long duration projects (a school year, with the option for continuity) linked to a cycle, group or class.
- The initiatives will be included in the academic curriculum.
- The main cultural institutions make their educational resources available to schools.
- The schools are committed to carrying out joint work with the educational departments of the main cultural institutions of the district.

The main cultural institutions: CCCB, Filmoteca de Catalunya, Gran Teatre del Liceu, MACBA, Museu Marítim de Barcelona and Palau Güell.
Schools: Escola Bressol Canigó, Escola Castella, Escola Collaso i Gil, Escola Drassanes, Escola Labouré, Escola Milà i Fontanals, Escola Rubén Darío, Escola Vedruna-Àngels, IES Milà i Fontanals and IES Miquel Tarradell.
Coordination: Fundació Tot Raval in the context of Raval Cultural and with the collaboration of the Servicios Educativos de Ciutat Vella.

With the support of:

MACBA with Magnet. Alliances for Educational Success

Since mid-April MACBA has been collaborating with Magnet. Alliances for Education Success, a programme bringing together major cultural and scientific institutions and educational centers. Inspired by the American magnet schools and adapting it to a Catalan context for the first time, the project is promoted by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Fundació Jaume Bofill.

The aim is to work closely for four years with the educational centers so that the specific knowledge of the institution of reference (in our case, contemporary art) can impregnate day-to-day educational practice and the learning processes. As the title indicates, the intention is to act as a magnet: to provide magnetism to a particular educational center so it can become a referent in its own field.

Rere el MACBA. Retrat d'un museu, Institut Moisès Broggi (Barcelona), Cinema en curs 2015-2016.

Besides introducing a methodological innovation, the initiative aims to increase the number of students in the selected educational centers and to work on specific areas of knowledge, such as art, science and communication, in a practical manner.

A pilot project has already begun in three primary schools and one secondary school in Barcelona, with more joining us in the near future. Besides MACBA, the institutions participating at this early stage are TV3 and the Institute of Marine Sciences. MACBA will collaborate directly with the Escola Josep M. de Sagarra and the Institut Moisès Broggi.

Institut Moisès Broggi

Escola Josep M. de Sagarra





Creators IN RESIDENCE in Barcelona High Schools

Since the 2011-2012 academic year, MACBA's Educational Programmes Department has been collaborating with 'Creators IN RESIDENCE in Barcelona High Schools', a programme run by the Institut de Cultura and the Consorci d'Educació, Barcelona, in cooperation with the association A Bao A Qu.

'Creators IN RESIDENCE' aims to create links between art and education through ongoing dialogue among students, teachers and artists. This singular project allows students and teachers to actively witness the conception and production of an artwork, and to follow the methodologies of the resident artists up close. By drawing on the actual processes of contemporary creation, the project encourages artistic experimentation and educational innovation, as well as generating new models for learning in participatory contexts.

By taking part in the project, MACBA contributes tools for exploring artistic heritage and sets up links between the works in the permanent collection and classroom experiences, through specific tours conceived by the artists in conjunction with the Museum's Education Department.



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