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East Winds: Future Communisms

PEI Obert Seminar

02 to 03 Mar. 2018

El Lissitzky

El Lissitzky "Lenin Tribune", 1920

This seminar focuses on an analysis of the long tradition of the concepts ‘revolution’ and ‘communism’, associated in the last century with the October Revolution, to rethink their use in the present. After the annihilation of utopian imagination projects following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dismantling of the USSR, today we walk on the eco-social ruins left by that short twentieth century, while relating in an inevitably ambivalent way to its inherited institutions. Cracked by a deep crisis of representation, the result of having been the instrument by which social majorities were dispossessed over several decades, these institutions must be recovered as a democratic barricade against the rise of different versions of the new far right and a redistributive instrument against the fascism of the financial markets.

This seminar proposes a constellation of concepts, picking up some old key words as well as suppressed or non-hegemonic components of the communist tradition, and attempting to add, tentatively, some new common notions: Communism, State, Party, MaterialMaterialism, War, Debt, Expressiveness, Desire, Crisis, Work, Constitution/Constituent Processes, Redistribution, Common Goods. It is impossible to build something like a systematic live dictionary, but perhaps this incomplete set of spoken definitions will serve as a model for a kind of reflection on the legacy and future of ‘communist’ struggles for emancipation and redistribution that should be continued.

Directed by Marcelo Expósito and Jaime Vindel, as part of the course ‘Political Imagination/Cultural Materialism’ at MACBA’s Independent Studies Programme. With the participation of Athena Athanasiou, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Jodi Dean, Nancy Fraser, Anselm Jappe, Maurizio Lazzarato, Gerardo Pisarello, César Rendueles and María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, among others.


2–3 MARCH 2018
Meier Auditorium.
Price for full seminar: 15 €. Students: 10 €. Price per session (only if seats are available): 5 €. Friends of MACBA: free. With simultaneous translation.

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