A collective meditation experiment based on the physical and virtual staging of the work of the London artist and the Barcelona electronic duo.

Distances at the end of the month will close on Saturday 25 July with the hypno artist Jessica Boston and the musical duo of Desert. The artists will seek a connection to a higher level, a hypnotic session that will release the potential of words, music and sensations.

Released during lockdown, This Feeling Is You (Passat Continu, 2020) is the album resulting from the collaboration of London-based artist Jessica Boston and the Barcelona duo Desert. A network in which Boston’s words are intertwined with subtle ambient electronics in an exercise in hypnosis structured over seven songs, recalling the work of Laurie Anderson or Holly Herndon. A metaphorical path that explores different states of mind and meditation; a unique piece in which different spiritual practices go hand in hand with the spoken word and the fundamentals of rap. An experience beyond distances, capable of uniting its listeners in a state of meditation.

Desert is the artistic project of Cristina Checa (producer, composer, vocalist and engineer) and Eloi Caballé (producer, composer and sound designer). When two talents and universes like these come together, something new and difficult-to-label comes out of it, something which at the same time (or precisely because of it) is permeable to a multitude of genres. Melancholy, synthesised pop, exact beats, hypnotic arrangements and sweeping melodies run through their works Envalira (Buenritmo, 2014), Sense Likes (Cascine, 2017) and Sense (La Castanya, 2018). In This Feeling Is You, however, both artists take a step back, letting their music embrace the psalms of Jessica Boston, whom they met during her stay in Barcelona. A work that connects us to another level, synthetic but natural, the result of a perfect synchronisation between music, words and personalities.

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