Xavier Basiana "Casaramona", 1997 - 1998
Xavier Basiana "Farinera La Esperanza", 1997 - 1998
Xavier Basiana "Vapor Llull", 1997 - 1998
Xavier Basiana "Catalana de Gas", 1997 - 1998

Catalana de gas, Myrurgia, the Montaner and Simon publishing house, Can Batlló, Uriach Laboratories, Mercedes Benz,... In the late nineties, up to seventy industrial buildings in Barcelona were documented by photographers Xavier Basiana and Jaume Orpinell, to be published in the book Barcelona, ciutat de fàbriques (Barcelona, city of factories). Over time, some have been converted into cultural spaces, while others have been demolished as the more peripheral neighbourhoods were integrated into the city. Some, like SEAT, are still active. Even at times when our working lives are on hold, this industrial heritage reminds us of our city’s long association with the workers’ struggle.