Ferran Garcia Sevilla, Déus, 1981

There are 60. They all have the same format and are painted with a thick line of black paint on a white background. They are by turn angry, scared to death, alcoholic and difficult, exhausted and throwing insults, maniac, without memory, breathless, restless and fired up, crooked and blind... The long series of divinities summoned by Ferran García Sevilla in 1981 appears to us today as a cosmic invocation. Déus (Gods) is a variation around the unitary theme that gives the work its title: sixty portraits of a metamorphic divinity bringing together images of great power and titles that today seem premonitory.

God of unusual words or Dio disposio a ricivere la luce. Series: “Gods”, No. 11
Dios terrorista or Deus in late bris habitans. Series: “Gods”, No. 36
Déu màquina or Der gott eines langen tages. Series: “Gods”, No. 12