Dainfern Golf Estate and Country Club. 22 December 2001. Sèrie "Dainfern"

Tipo obra:
Impressió digital
83 X 60 cm amb marc 92,5 x 69 x 3,4 cm
Col·lecció MACBA. Fundació MACBA
Registre núm:

In 1990, after a long period of resistance by various anti-apartheid groups, the National Party’s government, which upheld the ideologies of apartheid, took the first step towards abolishing its prohibition of the African National Congress party and other leftist organizations, and liberated Nelson Mandela after 27 years of imprisonment. Apartheid legislation was gradually substituted in statutory texts, and the first multi-racial elections took place in 1994 in which the African National Congress won by a landslide.

This time of social and political change produces an inflection in Goldblatt’s work, as he begins to use color photography for what he calls his “personal work.” The result is a mix of his experience in classical, large-scale photography, combined with the latest techniques using high-resolution scanners and high-quality ink jet printing paper.

Works from the MACBA Collection are currently touring with Goldblatt’s œuvre.


From 1999 to 2002, Goldblatt made a number of photographic series which became part of a larger project, Johannesburg Intersections, which showcases the new residential neighborhoods constructed for South African high society in the suburbs of Johannesburg, of great contrast to the poverty in nearby residential sectors. He presents both the luxurious mansions that make up a residential complex, and the poor cardboard constructions with tin roofs that, when juxtaposed, are not only different ideas of edification, but of the political and social structure that sustain their construction.

One of Goldblatt’s series is focused on Dainfern, a luxury complex located in the outskirts of Johannesburg, situated very near the squatter’s settlement Zewenfontein. In Jonahhesburg Intersections, Goldblatt focuses his camera on the huge hotel complex Monte Casino, located in Four Ways to the North of Johannesburg. In the Monte Casino from the North (2001) series, Goldblatt unites five photos to show us a panorama of the luxury complex which recreates a Tuscan Village.

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