Eliminate the notion of sculpture altogether

Helen Escobedo’s dynamic walls

Colour and the dynamism of volumes, angles, and tangents have always been Helen Escobedo’s greatest allies. “I do not want my sculptures to exist as works of art, but rather, my intention is to make them suitable for mass production at any scale and in any colours required so that they may be used as decorative items, structural walls or as toys.”

This is how Escobedo referred to her Murs dinàmics [Dynamic walls], a series she began in 1968 and to which Eclipse, which signalled her entrance into the language of abstraction, belongs. Over two meters tall and built from lightweight materials – in this case, wood – its open shapes act both as a structure and as a wall, as a screen and as a door. This Mexican visual artist blends painting and sculpture, flat shapes and curved lines, closure and openness. Her objects, in the lineage of minimalism, invoke the rhythms of kinetic art and strokes of hard-edge painting, which stands out due to the abrupt transitions between different colour areas.

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