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Christian Marclay: Investigations


19 July 2019

21 h

Christian Marclay,

Christian Marclay, "Investigations", première in the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2018). Photo: Brian Slater

Christian Marclay presents a new staging in the Capella MACBA of his most recent work, Investigations (2018), on 19 July. It reflects Marclay’s interest in photography and the non-traditional use of classical instruments. This score was made from a collection of 100 found and cropped images of hands playing piano. The score is to be interpreted by a large ensemble of pianists, ten in this case, who are asked to decipher the sound made when the photograph was taken and notate the results of their investigation. The British experimental musician Steve Beresford who was among the performers for the premier of the work in Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival has said that ‘when we are playing but also looking at pictures or printed words or mutated music notation, perhaps we engage bits of our brains usually not involved in playing music… Christian’s scores get us playing things we would never have thought of.’ At MACBA Investigations will be played by Steve Beresford, Lluïsa Espigolé, Augustí Fernández, Elena Font, Haize Lizarazu, Jordi López, Jordina Millà, Kayla Portugal, Philip Thomas and Carles Viarnès.

In collaboration with Sónar+D 2019, Christian Marclay will participate in a talk that will take place on 18 July as part of the programme of the congress of creative technologies, which will be held on 17, 18, 19 and 20 July simultaneously with Sónar by Day at Fira Montjuïc in Barcelona.

Within the framework of this collaboration, MACBA will offer free admission to the Museum for everyone accredited to Sónar+D 2019 (until 24 September.

With the collaboration of Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC).


FRIDAY 19 JULY, at 9 pm
Venue: Capella MACBA.
Price: 10 €. Fully booked

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