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Bats & Clubs: From William Shakespeare's Coriolanus

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01 Nov. 2014

Bats & Clubs

Bats & Clubs

The Shakespeare Festival presents a unique experience of hybridisation between music and theatre, an interdisciplinary show based on William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus that examines today’s possibilities for rebellion.

‘The most important thing is to know when to say no. The most important thing is to unite. The most important thing is to act. The Museum of the Revolutions is full of these gestures of determination, but also of the repression that aims to neutralise them.’

In the opening scene of Coriolanus, Shakespeare presents us with a mass of citizens organising themselves to carry out an uprising. Through drama and sound, Bats & Clubs presents an analysis of this situation, which is also an analysis of the mechanisms of power, the use of rhetoric and the creation of smokescreens.

Bats & Clubs is a stage composition for eight performers and electro-acoustic band, in which Shakespeare's text is used as sound material to compose the score and the actors become mobile musical instruments through polyphonic and contrapuntal games, superimpositions and contrasting sonic textures. Thanks to these procedures, the revolutionary situation proposed by Shakespeare is elaborated, giving it a form much closer to today’s public, richer in sound, more inclusive and more interactive.

Interpreters: Rachel Ferri, Jaume Forés, Mulet Marina, Mar Casas, Joan Sirera, Clara Garcés, Oreig Canela, Albert Ruiz
Art Direction and Composition: Gerard Ros Valverde
Stage direction: Hèctor Mora Campón
Script: Marc Villanueva Mir
Lighting technician: Lluís Serra
Sound engineer: Miquel Santaulària
Graphic Design: Eloi Rodriguez
Acknowledgements: Helena Torres, Juliette Louste, Estanis Boal



Venue: atrium
Admission: 5 €. Free with Passi card and for Friends of MACBA
Booking not required. Limited capacity

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