Entre el terror y la fiesta

Ana Longoni

12 Feb. 2015

This session is part of the seminar Arte y política en América Latina desde los años 60 (Art and Politics in Latin America since the Sixties), conducted by Ana Longoni in the context of the PEI. The seminar calls into question some research of a necessarily collective nature (in which Longoni is involved) on the different experiences of articulation between art and politics that have taken place in Argentina and other Latin American countries from the sixties to the present. A variety of ‘cases’ that, in their different approaches, share the will to confront or influence the conditions of our existence from the point of view of art.

The session Between Terror and Partying suggests ways of inventing spaces of freedom in the midst of terror:
The ‘strategy of happiness’ as another way of resistance.
Underground spaces and sociability.
Emergence of sexual disobedience.
Screen printing as the socialisation of art.
Connections between the Peruvian and Argentinian scenes: Paréntesis and E.P.S Huayco (Lima) and Gastar/Capataco (Buenos Aires).

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