Let’s talk about... Francesc Torres. The Hermetic Bell. Space for a Non-Transferable Anthropology

Francesc Torres i Míriam Basilio

07 Apr. 2018

Let’s talk about… understands exhibitions as powerful devices that activate the imagination and generate discourses that often exceed those anticipated by the institution or preconceived by the curatorial team. In Let’s talk about…, artists, thinkers and various agents, together with the visitors, activate exhibitions from concrete perspectives that generate personal readings of them.

In relation to contemporary artistic practices, the work of Francesc Torres (Barcelona, 1948) lays halfway between the proposals of those artists who, in the mid-sixties, were in favour of institutional critique and those who, during the eighties, refused to be part of the art market by making work that was only viable within a museum space. Torres was a pioneer of multimedia installations at a time when Neo-Expressionism was the dominant trend. His installations are a critical reflection on power, politics, violence, memory and contemporary culture.

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