Let’s talk about... Cloe Masotta. "Oscar Masotta. Theory as Action"

Cloe Masotta

14 Apr. 2018

Let’s talk about… understands exhibitions as powerful devices that activate the imagination and generate discourses that often exceed those anticipated by the institution or preconceived by the curatorial team. In Let’s talk about…, artists, thinkers and various agents, together with the visitors, activate exhibitions from concrete perspectives that generate personal readings of them.

Oscar Masotta. Theory as Action is an exhibition that seeks to reconstruct the intellectual development of this thinker (Buenos Aires, 1930 – Barcelona, 1979). Four years in development, the project examines the multifaceted career of the theorist and artist, a crucial figure in the transformations undergone in the cultural sphere of Argentina and Ibero-America in the period between the 1950s and 1970s.

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