Isabel Capeloa Gil: ‘From the periphery to the alternative and from the alternative to the periphery’

Isabel Capeloa Gil

18 Oct. 2013

Isabel Capeloa Gil analyses contemporary meanings of modernity and asks us to rethink them from the perspective of the periphery. A periphery or, rather, peripheries conceived here as a constellation of spatial and temporal coordinates, from which to question the limits of rational Western modernity. In her analysis, Capeloa Gil opens with a study of Livro do Desassossego (The Book of Disquiet), which Fernando Pessoa wrote under the pseudonym Bernardo Soares, and presents it as a symbol of that critical otherness articulated from the semi-periphery. There are as many modernities, Capeloa Gil tells us, as terms that exist to describe them: Eurocentric, cosmopolitan, transnational, inconclusive, reflective, postcolonial, reactionary, primitive, residual, alternative and so on.

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