Guided tour of the work 'The City of the People' by Craigie Horsfield, with Viviana Narotzky

Viviana Narotzky

24 Oct. 2013
Guided tour

Viviana Narotzky analyses the series La ciutat de la gent (The City of the People, 1995–96) by Craigie Horsfield (1949). She emphasises that the artist follows a very particular working process in which each photo is not conceived as part of a series, but rather as a single piece. This project dates from a time of urban euphoria in Barcelona, yet within it Narotzky detects a critique of the supposed consensus that had allowed this enormous transformation. Based on the idea of Barcelona as a shared location, the artist reconstructs the intimate places of various people, from very different positions (positions of power, of belonging to popular associations, of workers, etc.). With this, Horsfield invites us to see this seemingly monolithic Barcelona as a group of individuals with their own history and their own experience of the city.

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