Micropolitcs of Thought. Suggestions for Those Who Try to Evade the Colonial Unconscious

Suely Rolnik

27 Dec. 2014

This conference is framed within the seminar "Decolonising the museum".

If the museum was invented as a colonial technology capable of unifying the historical narrative, and as a collective memory prosthesis trying to re-write the past and prefigure the future in order to legitimise its hegemony, is it then possible to conceive a decolonial use of the museum? Is it possible to produce a knowledge capable of explaining the historical assemblages of subjects subalternised by colonisation? What happens when the tradition of enlightened modernity has to confront the critique of Frantz Fanon, Angela Davis, Aimé Césaire and Édouard Glissant? How should we understand the current process of art ‘globalisation’ and its impact on the relations between historical legitimisation, capitalism and Western critique? What are the differences between the de-Westernised museum and the decolonial museum?

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