Bernard Blistène: ‘What has become of teachers?’

Bernard Blistène

19 Oct. 2013

Bernard Blistène analyses the unmistakable style of the work of Tàpies and the reasons why he has not been considered an essential point of reference in European and American art. One of the reasons put forward is the fact that, since the sixties, his works repeat the same signs (to saturation) and have been guarantors of what endures: the canvas, the matter and a particular iconography that has rarely been questioned. Far from Bataille’s definition of a work as informe (formless) – which implies constant movement, deconstruction and the passage from seduction to horror – Tàpies cannot be considered either a Conceptual artist, a Minimalist or a transgressor. Maintaining his own scholarship, his virtuosity ultimately became self-complacent.

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