The Transparent Factory, Blue-collar Suite No. 2: Lear's Song and The Song of the Value in Use are works produced by Octavi Comeron between 2006 and 2011 under the umbrella title of the Post-Fordist Trilogy. Three installations based on the automobile as object to denounce the forms of production of advanced capitalism. As the artist explains in his essay Arte y postfordismo. Notas desde la fábrica transparente (Art and Post-Fordism: Notes on the Transparent Factory): ‘The systems used in the automobile industry, from Fordism to Toyotism, defined the models of production of the twentieth century.’ Models that, far from improving life and working conditions, have ended up occupying all forms of subjectivity. ‘This is the mutation that quietly infiltrates all the spaces we inhabit, now dissolved in a ghostly Transparent Factory that exhibits its capacity to encompass everything: from the social, economic and political to the most hidden corners of our subjectivity, transformed into a spiral of production and consumerism.’

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