Zush was 22 when he first went to Ibiza in 1968. He was 37 when he left the island in 1983. During that time, the hippy who immersed himself in psychedelia became a renowned artist, exhibiting in Barcelona, Madrid and New York. A path that is explained and explored in the exhibition dedicated to Zush (before he became Evru), which now comes to Barcelona after its showing in Ibiza. With a selection of works from the MACBA Collection, the exhibition traces the visual journeys taken by this singular artist early on in his career. Some paintings are shown in a darkened room because only ultra-violet light reveals their full power, reproducing the hallucinatory effects of the LSD under which they were created. In other paintings, the dominant theme is found in the monsters arising from the artist’s heroin addiction. Over the years, Zush-Evru has always maintained that he is only the transmitter of another reality. As he explained during the presentation of the exhibition in Ibiza: ‘We are not creators. Somewhere there are forces, energies, images in my case, and we are like radio antennae bringing them here.’