View of some of the publications of the exhibition of the Collection

Views of MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention, 2023. Photo: La Fotográfica

Marina Abramovic, John Cage, Dora García, Regina Giménez, Juan Hidalgo, Bruno Munari, Francesca Woodman... over thirty artist’s books await you in the MACBA galleries on the occasion of Sant Jordi’s Day. The Collection’s current presentation treats books as artworks. Installed at different heights so people of all ages can enjoy them, and at different points during the exhibition’s itinerary so everyone can decide when to stop and which narratives to address, we invite you to walk around this living library of artist’s books. You will find poems intervened with gold dust, navigation charts and maps of the old world, trays full of food that can be read, non-edible sweets, invented languages evoking utopias and other types of books for the imaginative reader. Some are poetic, some are more theoretical, visual or objectual, but they all encourage us to widen the way we see reality, as all good books do.

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