The series of photographs entitled Formació global. IESE was produced as part of a photographic survey organised by MACBA in 2007. The project revolves around the IESE Business School in Barcelona, a business administration school run by the Opus Dei and ranked in the top 25 business schools in the world. Sandra Balsells photographed numerous scenes at the new IESE campus in Barcelona, and at the school's historic headquarters. One of the images of the latter building shows a large portrait of Josemaría Escrivà de Balaguer (1902-1975), founder of the Opus Dei and of the University of Navarra, which the IESE belongs to. Founded in 1928, the Opus Dei or “Work of God” is a prelature of the Catholic Church with a mission to spread the faith through everyday life. In practical terms, it has close links with highly reactionary economic powers, and it maintains a network of prestigious schools and university educational centres. “Good journalism consists of putting people on the ropes who have largely been responsible for what is happening,” explains Balsells in an interview with Radio Web MACBA that you can listen to here.