MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention exhibition views

Views of MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention, 2022. Photo: Miquel Coll

Aerials and loud speakers are signs of communication, exchange, shared information and circulating voices. So are the voices that Ângela Ferreira incorporates in her installation Talk Tower for Forough Farrokhad, 2020, as a tribute to the communal radio channels of the rural areas of Mozambique, the birthplace of this Portuguese-South African artist who often works with the tower as an object. Ferreira is also interested in Gustav Klutsis’ agitprop kiosks in revolutionary Russia and in the radio tower created in the 1920s near Moscow by the engineer Vladimir Shukhov. But above all, with her ‘Talk Tower’ Ferreira gives voice to the feminist Iranian poet and filmmaker Forough Farrokhad (1935–1967), whose premature death, unconventional life, and loud and clear voice in favour of women have become a symbol in Iran today. Banned for many years, the poems of this great innovator of Iranian poetry can now be read with the same intensity as when they were written. You can listen to them in the MACBA galleries.

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