Some artists from the MACBA Collection are featured in the exhibition Notes for an Eye Fire, including works that show the diversity and contemporaneity of their languages, such as a dramaturgy of the body, photographic pictorialism as a tool for denunciation and fanzines or expanded comics. In 2008, Marc Vives, together with David Bestué, made Actions in the Body at the Sala Mirador in Madrid, a video piece full of visual references to modern artists. That same year, the ever-imaginative Antoni Hervàs started the fanzine Grapandmopotheper, a self-managed publishing project created in collaboration with his grandmother who would talk to him about her inner visions, which he would then draw. More recently, Aleix Plademunt, in his photographic installation Iberia, showed the ravages inflicted on the Amazon landscape by colonialism and the human exploitation of natural resources.

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