Aware that a text can be a great producer of literary but also visual meaning, we have entered the MACBA Collection in search of its hidden library. Which texts from the universal literary imaginary have stimulated that great creative machine that is art? What do books say to artists? We have found books that are tired and others that have lost a vowel, philosophical essays occupying the sculptural space and manuscripts found in a bottle, projected heroes and images that have grown at the mercy of words. We have read classics from antiquity like Homer, and more modern ones like La Fontaine. We have got excited with romantic writers like Poe, symbolists such as Mallarmé, irreverent authors like Artaud, or the more experimental Joyce and Perec. We had never approached the MACBA Collection as a collective prescriber of the act of reading or as a great compilation of books. You can now continue exploring its multiple hidden texts.

Happy week of Sant Jordi!