Educated in the former Yugoslavia, Katalin Ladik began her career with interventions on Radio Novi Sad (1963–77) and as an actress with the avant-garde theatre group Bosch+Bosch in the city of Subotica (1977–92). In 1992 she moved to Budapest. It was her work with the voice and the body that led her to performance and subsequently to the visual arts. Feminism is an important component of her multifaceted work. With great vitality and charisma, she uses poetry to transfer the poetic language to other creative fields such as visual poetry, performance, body art, mail art and sound experimentation. At the beginning of the seventies, Ladik made a series of visual poems in which she used the collage technique. Made with newspaper and women's magazine clippings, sewing patterns and postage stamps, in these works she experimented at a visual, semantic and musical level. Conceived as both artistic and literary pieces, were also used as the music score for her performance of sound poetry. The traditional feminine themes such as sewing and knitting predominate, exploiting the ambiguity of suggestion and exploring the interconnections between poetry, painting and music.

Works in the collection by Katalin Ladik