Daniel Steegmann’s infinite dream is not human. It is a dream that brings together the digital and animal worlds under the same logic. This Brazil-based Catalan artist made 3D scans of various places in the rainforest of Brazil’s Atlantic coast. He then created a computer-generated panther that explores this digital undergrowth configured by thousands of pixels. Traced and made up of bright graphic lines, the panther traverses a forest environment that lights up as the animal walks through it, exploring the dense rainforest in its dreams. As the animal wakes up from its erratic journey, it yawns and falls asleep again, and a new dreamlike scenario begins. A Dream Dreaming a Dream strings together a series of never-ending episodes in a reoccurring cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Hosted in a cloud computing server, the artificial intelligence that gives life to the feline never stops, not even when the work is not installed and no one has access to it. An artificial intelligence that condemns the panther to wander forever in its infinite dream, and a specific example of a new artistic language.