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Ediciones completas de Pedro G. Romero, 1989-2000

Complete Editions of Pedro G. Romero, 1989-2000
Media installation, Various dimensions

En el ojo de la batalla (In the eye of the battle), the title of this publication, is just than an allusion to Georges Bataille’s “Eye”, the omnipresent eye that watches, and is watched, in all his work. The “eye of the battle” is also its centre, its vortex, the moment when a combat is decided. It also wants to be the eye that watches, that has time to “watch”, in the heat of the combat. It also alludes to blind eyes, the hole left in the ground by a recently exploded shell. To the watchful eyes, glued to the target, of the soldiers and the prostheses provided as substitutes by technology. Lastly, it literally describes the eyes gouged out in the iconoclastic battle, the empty sockets of the figures –ah!, and of the men too– who are portrayed in the pages of this book.

[…] The examples collected in this book belong to a selection of documents that take as their almost helicoid axis the figure and work of Bataille. Magazines, associations, artists, thinkers and works of art linked in one way or another to Bataille, or far removed from him, but seen through his eyes. In alphabetical order images and texts extracted from the FX Archive are shown; they have been selected for their closeness to some of the issues Bataille dealt with during his life and in his work. All the texts are quotations, though in this book –in the FX Archive, on both digital and material support, the sources do appear–, in no event is their origin recorded. Rather than being written, the texts are chipped, carved, shaped, assembled, taken, emptied, as if they were sculptures. In the spatial arrangement chosen there are two columns: the one on the right contains information about the iconoclastic action documented by the image; the one on the left expounds information about the concept of the thesaurus that names that image. From a parallel reading of both columns the secret functioning of the archive and the efficacy of that machine à trouver can be deduced.

Pedro G. Romero, 2002

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Ediciones completas de Pedro G. Romero
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Romero, Pedro G.
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MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
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Media installation
Printed ink on paper and sound recording
Various dimensions
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
© Pedro G. Romero
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