Elecciones Show, 1977

Media installation, Mides variables.

In 1977 the first democratic elections in Spain after Franco took place. After forty years of the dictator’s regime, the already legalised political parties embarked on a historical election campaign, which was closely followed by the media. With his sociological way of perceiving things, Joan Rabascall presents several of the election posters used. These in turn are made to dialogue with images of naked females, generated by this same mass media, which promoted the image of women as objects of the masculine gaze, in the period known in Spain as el destape (the uncovering). With great compositional skill, the associations Rabascall is able to make in his Elecciones Show speak for themselves. Working from Paris, Rabascall looked to Spain in the years of the democratic transition, with pieces like Spain is different (1973–1977), Elecciones Show (1977) and Paisatges Costa Brava [Costa Brava Landscapes] (1982).

Technical details

Original title:
Elecciones Show
Registration number:
Rabascall, Joan
Date created:
MACBA Collection. Barcelona City Council long-term. Gift of Rafael Tous (in process of being incorporated)
Object type:
Media installation
Triple digitized slide projection, various election posters and sound recording, 21 min 48 s
Mides variables.
MACBA Collection. Long-term loan of Barcelona City Council. Gift of Rafael Tous
© Joan Rabascall, VEGAP, Barcelona
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