Modernologie (Dreieckiges Atelier), 2007

Modernology (Triangular Atelier), 2007
Installation, Variable dimensions

Modernologie (Triangular Atelier) encapsulates all the interests of Viennese artist Florian Pumhösl. In formal terms, it is an installation consisting of panels lined with black fabric, which are arranged in a triangular space in which the artist hangs eight paintings on glass. Modernologie alludes to a homonymous project by the Japanese architect Kon Wajirō (1888-1973), while the spatial structure evokes the work Triangular Atelier (1926) by the artist and designer Murayama Tomoyoshi (1901-1977), a pioneer of the avant-garde in Japan, and the panels in the work are a reference to the black walls used in the exhibition Der Sturm in Tokyo in 1914.

The paintings, which consist of variations of minimal geometric shapes, explore the formal language that inaugurated artistic modernity. The medium chosen for this operation (painted glass) evokes the glass paintings (or “camera-less photographs”) by the German artist Walter Dexel (1890-1973), who was linked to the Bauhaus. The work is also reminiscent of the paintings and films of Hans Richter (1888-1976), and the geometric abstraction of classic artists such as Mondrian, Malevich and Rodchenko. Through his geometric shapes and his technique, Pumshöl connects painting, photography and film within the tradition that was developed by the Dutch movement De Stijl, Russian Constructivism and the German Bauhaus.

Florian Pumhösl is one of a group of artists who, since the eighties, have been exploring and questioning the modern artistic legacy. Pumhösl’s work recovers historic authors and works through a complex system of references that spectators must decode.

Technical details

Original title:
Modernologie (Dreieckiges Atelier)
Registration number:
Pumhösl, Florian
Date created:
Date acquired:
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
Object type:
Enamel on glass, vitrine and upholstered screen
Variable dimensions
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation. Work purchased with de support of the participants of "SORTIR DEL MACBA"
© Florian Pumhösl
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