Compostatge de nou pintures, compostatge de sis pintures i compostatge d'una pintura amb marc i vidre, 1994

Composting of Nine Paintings, Composting of Six Paintings and Composting of One Painting with Frame and Glass, 1994
Painting, 25 x 35 cm cm

“Pulverize the notion of work. Make, from the notion of work, pigments. / Bind, with linseed oil, the pigments of the notion of work.” Compostatge de nou pintures, compostatge de sis pintures i compostatge d’una pintura amb marc i vidre subjects the physical ingredients of a painting—oil, canvas and wood—to the composting process. The title alludes to the process of transforming organic matter to obtain compost or natural fertilizer. If the pictorial tradition is based on efforts to represent, Perejaume reduces painting to its strictly material condition.

One of Perejaume’s constant references is painting as a medium for representation, which he links to his interest in the landscape.

Many of the artist’s works, both literary and visual, suggest the links between pictorial elements, the landscape and the specific parameters of pictorial representation. This is the context in which we should place terms such as “despintura,” one of the key concepts of its author. Despintura allows the painting itself to call into question its own foundations. As Perejaume explains, “The elimination of representation through abstraction, monochrome and dematerialization, all subgenres of the final stages of modernity, is radicalized by despintura. Considering painting a predator, despintura seeks a methodical restitution of the materials invested in all of the representation that surrounds us.

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Original title:
Compostatge de nou pintures, compostatge de sis pintures i compostatge d'una pintura amb marc i vidre
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MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
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Oil, canvas and wood
25 x 35 cm cm(width x height)
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MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation. Private long-term loan, Barcelona
© Perejaume, VEGAP, Barcelona
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