Peus d'armari, 1984

Wardrobe Feet, 1984
Installation, 15 m2

Peus d’armari was presented at Sala Metrònom in Barcelona in 1984. On top of the floor, covered with ochre and blue clay, Pere Noguera traced the outline of the Iberian Peninsula and the North of Africa, onto which he deposited a set of muddy objects, tools and fragments, also in these same ochre and blue tones. If Pere Noguera’s work is articulated as a dialogue with the element of earth and as an observation of its organic and poetic processes, here this allows him to activate a clearly connotated physical geography. In other works, the artist includes maps of Europe, Spain and the world covered in liquid clay, which in the process of drying end up erasing political borders, revealing their arbitrary nature. A representation of landscape associated with Noguera’s own practice, where he takes up the ceramic tradition of his hometown, updating it and carrying it over to action art.

Technical details

Original title:
Peus d'armari
Registration number:
Noguera, Pere
Date created:
MACBA Collection. Barcelona City Council long-term. Gift of Rafael Tous (in process of being incorporated)
Object type:
Various muddy materials
15 m2
MACBA Collection. Long-term loan of Barcelona City Council. Gift of Rafael Tous
© Pere Noguera
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