Media Sites / Media Monuments (Buenos Aires), 2007

Installation, 20 photographs: 80 x 80 cm each; 10 photographs: 30 x 33 cm c/u and 12 photographs: 30 x 42 cm c/u
Media Sites/Media Monuments (Buenos Aires) is part of a project made in Washington DC in 1981, in Budapest in 1998 and in Buenos Aires in 2007. On this occasion, the entire Argentinean series is shown. Using archive images, Muntadas identifies places with a powerful historical resonance such as the Plaza de Mayo; the Avellaneda train station, where the police killed two unarmed demonstrators in 2002; or the nightclub República Cromañón, where 194 people died in a fire in 2004. In each case, Muntadas also photographs these places in the present. Shown in pairs, the black-and-white of the old images dialogues with the colour of the present, devoid of any emotional charge. Those places that were once projected in the media as memorable have lost their media ‘noise’ and are now displayed as if nothing had ever happened.

Technical details

Original title:
Media Sites / Media Monuments (Buenos Aires)
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MACBA Collection. MACBA Consortium
Object type:
C-Print and wooden shelves
20 photographs: 80 x 80 cm each; 10 photographs: 30 x 33 cm c/u and 12 photographs: 30 x 42 cm c/u
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Edició de 9 + 3 P.A. (Buenos Aires)
MACBA Collection. MACBA Consortium
© Muntadas, VEGAP, Barcelona
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