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Matances. Tres esquemes de mort artificial, 1977

Slaughters. Three Schemes for Artificial Death, 1977
Photograph, 68 x 200 cm

The Matances (Slaughters, 1976-1977) project consists of a number of pieces: an extensive set of photomontages, a video and the triptych Tres esquemes de mort artificial (Three Schemes for Artificial Death), which were shown at the Paris Biennale in 1977. The photomontages are varied compositions of drawings, photographs and words or phrases that comment – in a sometimes ironic and in other instances tragic tone – on power, destruction, the social construct o
imaginary, submission, religion and issues such as justice, the family, fear, life and death. Psychological manipulation through the ideology of power appears in a harrowing way in each of the metaphors underlying the elements that make up Matances. The symbolic potential that emerges from the rhizomatic iconographic relationship is reinforced by the photocompositions.

Technical details

Original title:
Matances. Tres esquemes de mort artificial
Registration number:
Miralles, Fina
Date created:
On loan
MACBA Collection. Barcelona City Council long-term. Gift of Rafael Tous (in process of being incorporated)
Object type:
68 x 200 cm (height x width)
MACBA Collection. Long-term loan of Barcelona City Council. Gift of Rafael Tous
© Fina Miralles
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