Yo no quiero ver más a mis vecinos, 2006

I Don't Want to See My Neighbours Anymore, 2006
‘I don’t want to see my neighbours anymore.
They don’t want to see me either.’ With these
words Carlos Garaicoa ends a video work
documenting the construction of a wall
around his house. Intended to be a replica
of the physical walls that separate territories
and countries, this barrier separates him from
his neighbours. To this end, the artist has
collected images of several of the political and
segregationist walls that have been erected
throughout history in different parts of the
The Berlin Wall, the Ramallah Barrier on
the West Bank, Hadrian’s Wall in England, the
Woomera Wall in Australia, the Tijuana Wall in
Mexico, the Great Wall of China and the Malecón
in Havana, Cuba, are some examples. Garaicoa’s
set of images demonstrates that the construction
of great physical barriers cannot prevent lives
and ideas moving and circulating.

Technical details

Original title:
Yo no quiero ver más a mis vecinos
Registration number:
Garaicoa, Carlos
Date created:
Date acquired:
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
Object type:
Audiovisual recording
Single-channel video, colour, sound, 4 min 14 s
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation. Long-term loan of Screen Projects
© Carlos Garaicoa, VEGAP, Barcelona
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