Mao-Hope March, 1966

Öyvind Fahlström recorded the video Mao-Hope March on 1 September 1966 in the streets of New York as part of the multimedia performance ‘Kisses Sweeter Than Wine’, presented in the autumn of that year in New York’s 69th Regiment Armory. In 1973, he decided to present this short film as an independent work. The recording includes a demonstration organised by the artist in which a group of men and women carried six placards with photographs of the actor Bob Hope, representing the American dream, and one with a picture of the communist leader Mao Tse Tung, incarnation of the demonised communist ideology. While the demonstration was taking place, a popular radio announcer recorded people’s comments and their answers to the question: ‘Are you happy?’

Technical details

Original title:
Mao-Hope March
Registration number:
Fahlström, Öyvind
Date created:
Date acquired:
On loan
MACBA Collection. MACBA Consortium
Object type:
Audiovisual recording
16 mm film b/w, sound, 4 min 50 s - Director, producer and sound editor: Öyvind Fahlström - Camera and montage: Alfons Schilling - Interview: Bob Fass
MACBA Collection. MACBA Consortium
© Öyvind Fahlström, VEGAP, Barcelona
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