Gatika doble final, 2001

Gatika Double Ending, 2001

A solitary car near the forest, a hidden identity, and the action of painting over the windows of a car are the narrative elements Jon Mikel Euba makes use of in Gatika Double Ending. Recorded in the wooded town of Gatika, in Biscay, a province in the Basque Country, Euba invites us to reflect on the idea of truth and lies and the false dilemma between certainty and fiction. Inspired by the collective works of the 1970s, the artist records the action of two people as they paint the names of other artists on the windows of a car, blocking the vehicle’s visibility in a way that would make driving it illegal. Playing with the idea of a forested landscape in the context of the Basque Country in the late 1990s also creates a climate of suspicion and fear. Although there are no signs of explicit violence, and the live sounds of the action remind us that this is a performance, the visual grammar we have learned from films and the media lead us to read Euba’s actions as though they are part of a thriller.

Technical details

Original title:
Gatika doble final
Registration number:
Euba, Jon Mikel
Date created:
Date acquired:
On display
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
Object type:
Single-channel video, colour, sound, 10 min 36 s
Edition number:
Edició de 6 + 1 P.A.
Meier Building, Level 1, Room 11
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
© Jon Mikel Euba, VEGAP, Barcelona
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The essence of the fragment and the module resonates deeply in my work.
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