Updated, 1997

Installation, 300 x 412 cm

Pep Duran’s illusory spaces are marked by their provisional character. As usual in his work, especially during the nineties, an overlapping of elements and their serial nature imbue his installations with life, evoking the narrative capacity of objects and materials, vestiges and remnants that the artist has collected over time. Updated, from 1997, functions as a compendium of fragments that are rearranged and re-signified in the exhibition space. These fragments and objects appeal to previous presences, creating an unfinished stage upon which an ongoing biographical story unfolds. As the artist himself explained in a text from 1997: ‘There is the meaning of the fusion of all the experiences until now. (...) They are objects that confirm and record existence. They are petrified stories, solidified moments.’

‘Updated contains a double meaning: on the one hand, the literal one, that of the word itself: what has been done to date, the latest, the most recent… On the other, there is the meaning of the fusion of all experiences until now (fusing experience). The allusion to joining ideas and ways which are recurrent in his work and fusing them in bronze.

They are objects at rest, like inert bodies… They are objects that confirm and record existence. They are petrified stories, solidified moments. Object theatre, stagings of solitude.

The installation consists of three parts or acts:

  1. DESERTED HOUSE: The imprint on the construction of the personal, its foundations… The flaw, the wound filled with the intimate.
  2. MINEFIELD: Everyday accidents, traps, private tricks. Intimate moments. A particular play.
  3. A SILENT STORY: Movement and rest, lightness and weight. Like absent, inert bodies. Personal burdens. A silent ballet.’

Pep Durán, 1997

Technical details

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Duran, Pep
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On display
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
Object type:
Wood and bronze
300 x 412 cm (height x width)
Meier Building, Level 1
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation. Private long-term loan
© Pep Duran, VEGAP, Barcelona
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