Founded in 1977, Vídeo-Nou was originally an informal group of nine people. At the beginning of 1979, with two more people incorporated into the group, it was constituted as a limited company and renamed Servei de Vídeo Comunitari (Community Video Service).

Vídeo-Nou Collective: Carles Ameller, Genis Cano, Albert Estival, Xasfo Guasch, Marga Latorre, Pau Maragall, Lluïsa Ortínez, Lluïsa Roca and Joan Úbeda.

Servei de Vídeo Comunitari: Francesc Albiol, Carles Ameller, Esteban Escobar, Albert Estival, Núria Font, Xofo Guasch, Pau Maragall, Maite Martínez, Lluïsa Roca, Josep M. Rocamora and Joan Úbeda.

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