Conceptual artist and creator of object-sculpture since the early 1970s, Jordi Pablo has focused on the study of form. Made with ‘poor’ and soft materials such as paper, plastic, foam rubber or cotton, his objects conjugate morphology with language, irony and play. His main interest lies on the object as a grammar of forms in space. His best-known works are phonetic sculptures made from plastic tubes and foam rubber configuring a kind of talking mouth that associates form with certain onomatopoeic sounds. Also interested in popular imaginaries and festivities, he has gathered a substantial collection of documents (posters, publications, objects, photographs, etc.) relating to Catalonia’s festive heritage in his so-called Arxiu Festiu Catalunya.

Following his first exhibition at Sala Gaspar, Barcelona (1972), he took part in the Encuentros de Pamplona (1972); BCD, Barcelona (1976); Paris Biennial (1977); the first exhibition of object art in Catalonia at the Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona (1978); and Seny i rauxa. 11 artistes catalans, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (1978). More recently, he presented part of his Arxiu Festiu at the Museu Marès, Barcelona (2012).

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