Sílvia Gubern was born in Barcelona in 1941. She was one of the first to train at the Elisava Design School and, by the end of the sixties, had become a pioneer of Conceptual art in Catalonia. She formed an active group with artists such as Jordi Galí, Antoni Llena and Àngel Jové, with whom she presented ‘poor’ and ephemeral proposals together with actions in the Jardí del Maduixer, the house they shared in Barcelona and a key starting point for Conceptualism in Spain. In the eighties, Gubern’s textile designs contributed to the emergence of this discipline in postmodern Barcelona. In the nineties, she abandoned visual production to focus on other creative areas, such as automatic writing.

She participated in numerous exhibitions and interventions, including: Jardí del Maduixer, 1968–69 (with Àngel Jové, Jordi Galí and Antoni Llena); Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya, Barcelona, 1969; Aquitània gallery, 1971; Comunicació d'Art, L'Hospitalet, 1972; and Sala Vinçon, Barcelona, 1973. In 1995, there was a retrospective of her work in the Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona.

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