Dan Graham, born in Urbana, Illinois (USA) is a multi-faceted artist whose work, despite the fact that it appears in a variety of formats and media of artistic expressions, has been related to minimalism/conceptualism. Among his body of works we find installation, video, music, drawing, performance, film, photography, magazines, and, more than anything, architecture. He is also a writer, sculptor, and art/music/architecture critic. His works reflect on the ability of communicating, and individual and collective perceptions of art.

Through his contact with psychoanalytic, sociological and aesthetic theories, Dan Graham pays attention to society and, specifically, the urban context in which industrialization and the new modes of communication have swallowed up Man. His work analyzes the historical, social and ideological functions of contemporary cultural systems, focusing on architecture, rock music and television. In his performances, his installations and his architectonic or sculptural designs, he researches themes such as public vs. private, viewer vs. artist, and objectivity vs. subjectivity.

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