Regina Giménez studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, the city where she lives and works. Although framed within the tradition of abstraction and the exploration of geometry and colour, she has developed a wider artistic practice based on a sensorial abstraction that is closer to life than to the conceptual. Her production includes paintings and textiles (with large canvases blurring the limits between the pictorial and the theatrical); collages created with photographic and artisanal techniques; works constructed with methacrylate templates elaborated by herself; artist’s books and graphic works. Using maps and second-hand books, geography and cosmology schoolbooks, Giménez reinterprets them in new compositions that create a dialogue between abstraction and figuration. Through basic geometric forms and intense chromatic research, her work evokes planets, eclipses and orbits used in science and the study of the cosmos. Another series of works is composed of collages of textured elements combining photography and craft techniques, suggesting the globe, lighthouses, boats and pyramidal constructions in a mysterious atmosphere

Since the 1990s, her work has been widely recognised with exhibitions in Centre Cultural Caixa Terrassa (2003), Espai Volart, Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona (2005), Museu d’Art Modern, Tarragona (2012), Can Palauet, Mataró (2018), and Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid (2020). Her work is included in private collections such as Lawrence B. Benenson, New York; Adriana Cisneros, New York and Miami; Isabel Marant, Paris; and public collections such as Fundació “la Caixa”; Fundació Vila Casas; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León; and MACBA, Barcelona.

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