Albert Porta adopted the artistic personality of Zush in 1968 while a patient in a psychiatric institution. Admitted for ‘maladjustment to the environment’, it was here that a fellow patient baptized him with his new identity. Zush’s work is characterised by the construction of a personal and autobiographical mythology, based on images that seem to overflow and the creation of his own style of writing, leading to multiple parallel universes that maintain a subtle balance where the rationale of the composition barely keeps chaos in check.

The desire to desacralise the figure of the artist, together with his other diverse interests, has led Zush to use multiple supports and to collaborate regularly with creators of different disciplines, such as designers, writers and musicians.

An example of outsider art, the series of works presented here is connected to the psychedelic movement and its aspiration to open the doors of perception. Zush is interested in exploring imaginary states in which categories are blurred and different worlds are created.

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