Teresa Estapé was born in Barcelona. She studied Law and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and has a Diploma in Jewellery from the Escola Massana. Estapé works indistinctly using the language of jewellery or artistic production, combining sculpture, installation, graphic art and jewellery. In all these fields, she favours simple forms, often organic or even geometric at times. She uses light colours that can dilute matter to a minimal state, whether in her installations (some made up of white paper, others amounting to an exercise in soft materials), or in her graphic art. Her jewellery work can often be seen as an essay in the deconstruction of elements or as a re-signification of this discipline.

Her work has been shown in Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and Cuba, as well as art fairs such as ARCO, Madrid (2023), and is included in collections such as Elena Ochoa Foster’s and MACBA, Barcelona.

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