Adrián Balseca was born in Quito in 1989 and left school at the age of fifteen to focus on art. He conducts interdisciplinary, site-specific interventions and actions, produces video documentation and photographic series, and builds sound installations and sculptural objects. Among other areas, he is interested in the relationship between the rural and the urban, the tensions between artisanal practices and industrial production, and extractive economies and colonial abuses. Many of his proposals critically address the dynamics of extraction and their environmental impact, as well as the historical and economic processes that have contributed to the consolidation of modern development. He has been part of the collectives La Selecta-Cooperativa Cultural and Tranvía Cero, created in Quito to promote contemporary art and cultural co-operativism.

He has participated in international exhibitions such as the Sâo Paulo Biennial (2021), Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador (2018) and Cosmopolis at the Centre Pompidou, Paris (2019), among others. He has had solo exhibitions at the Museu da Cidade, Sâo Paulo (2021), Museo de Arte Precolombino Casa del Alabado, Quito (2017) and at the galleries N24, Quito (2021), Madragoa, Lisbon (2019, 2016) and Ginsberg, Lima (2019).

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