Número publicat el 6 de desembre de 2015 a l'Experimental Station, Chicago.
-- En aquest número col·laboren: Chi-Nations Youth Council; members of We Charge Genocide: Page May, Hana Worku, Breanna Champion, Monica Trinidad, Ethan Viets-Van Lear, Kush Thompson; Semillas Autónomas; Eric Kofi Malone, Diallo Kenyatta, Theodore Richards, Safia Rashid, Gregory Bratton, Kenya Vera Sample, Julian Sample, Michael Tekhen; Panzy Edwards, Daphne Jackson; Brian Sykes; Kamm Howard and Larry Redmond; BYP100; Anthony Holmes, Dorothy Burge, Darrell Cannon; The Chicago Torture Justice Memorials; Chicago Community Bond Fund; Mary Bowman; Cassie Warren; N’Dana Carter; Maria Ferrera; Food not Bombs Pilsen; Alan Mills with Angela McClellan, Adrienne Canady, Jerri Lindsey and Gianna X; Tinotheus Gordon; Stephanie Camba, Nina Metsovaara, Erin Raether, and Tanuja Jagernauth; Kelly Hayes with Ejeris Dixon & Ash Stephens; Danelene Powell-Watts, Candace Coleman, Carrie Kaufman; Veronica Morris Moore; Phylis Humphries; Members of Escolta St. Snatchers Social Club: Raven Guerrero, Nasstasha Camba, Jenn Buckler, Crystle Dino, Stephanie Camba i Sarah Jane Rhee.

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Otros > AREA Chicago : art, research, education, activism
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Art Research Education Activism Chicago
Area Chicago
Healing & repair
Healing + repair
Col·lecció MACBA. Centre d'Estudis i Documentació
Chicago, Ill. : AREA Chicago, 2015
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Issue 15 (Dec. 2015)
Dimensions: 26,8 x 21
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Publicació Sèrie_0383_001

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