Txe Roimeser
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From a transfeminist practice and living with and in failure, Txe empowers lines of research that start from the somatheque. From the everyday, txe points out mechanisms of identity construction and uses the cracks and margins to generate errors that reveal powers and fictions. Striving to work in a situated way, they apply the appropriation and mutation of learned codes. Since 2022, Txe has been a resident artist at Hangar, and they are creating a project with the Hangar Production Grant and conducting research under the BCN Producció grants from la Capella with Ce Quimera. They attended the MUECA and form part of the Ràdio Web MACBA working group. txe has exhibited "tomar 70 mg de tiempo" (at Bòlit Girona), performed at El Molinex, collaborated with Quimera Rosa in designing the newspaper "Ni Urras ni Anarres" (CCCB), presented "Susi" with Anna Irina Russell (FEMINISMES!, CCCB), occasionally makes noise with Mordrake/“·”/nounom/MEGAZORD, has driven around the block a few times with Jose Begega, Luca Calderó and a needle, ink and glitter, across 868 km of chaos and chickpea salad, while also trying to carve out as much time as possible to attend karate practice.
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