Serafín Álvarez
León, Spain, 1985
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Serafín Álvarez has a degree in Fine Arts and a Masters in Artistic Production and Research from the University of Barcelona. He lives and works in Barcelona. Apart from his artistic production, he also conducts art and sound educational projects. Álvarez collects images and reorganises them, tracing associations and imagining new worlds with them. A process that emerges from his interest in the changes in our perception of reality, in a journey into the unknown, in non-human otherness, in bordering zones and the thresholds that do not belong to anything or anyone, and how these concepts are represented in contemporary culture and audiovisual media such as the cinema and video games. While his work includes mostly audiovisual compositions, these are often made to dialogue with a pictorial and objectual production. He has directed educational projects at the Fundació Joan Miró, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Auditori de Barcelona and Sant Andreu Contemporani. Solo exhibitions include La Capella, Barcelona (2011); Espai 13, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona (2017); and reading-performances at the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Móstoles, Madrid (2016). His work is included in collections such as MACBA, Barcelona.
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Serafín Álvarez
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