Mapa Teatro
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Mapa Teatro is an artists’ laboratory dedicated to trans-disciplinary creation. Based in Bogotá since 1986, Mapa Teatro was founded in Paris in 1984 by Heidi, Elizabeth and Rolf Abderhalden, theatre and visual artists from Colombia. Since its inception, Mapa Teatro has built a cartography within the milieu of the ‘live arts’, a propitious space for transgressing geographic, linguistic and artistic boundaries, and for staging local and global issues through various ‘thought-montage’ operations. A space of migration, through which myth, history and topicality move continuously; intimate and public spheres; artistic languages (theatre, opera, cabaret, radio, sound and video installations, urban interventions, actions and performatic conferences); authors and epochs; geographies and languages; words, image and movement; voice, music and sound processes; simulation and reality; document and fiction, poetics and politics. Hence Mapa Teatro’s interest in the creative processes and live events; in the translation and transposition of writings and scenic scores; and in the operation of putting together documentation, archives and fictions. Mapa Teatro generates processes of artistic research and experimentation that are developed in diverse spheres and scenarios of Colombian reality. They are laboratories of social imagination.
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