Javiera de la Fuente
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Trained as a dancer in the style known as escuela sevillana del baile, she also studied history, anthropology and philosophy of art. Since 2015, she has been working with linguistic styles close to performance, in unconventional contexts. Mixing theory and performance, her work encompasses movement, narrative, singing and popular art, flamenco, choreographic composition and improvisation. She has performed in venues such as MACBA (2015), Bauhaus Dessau (2018), El Dorado/Virreina (Barcelona, 2018), CA2M (Madrid, 2019), Bergen Assembly (2019) and the Reina Museo Reina Sofía in Máquinas de trovar by Pedro G. Romero (2021–22). Her latest projects are Luciérnagas (produced by ICAS), with a residency in Tabakalera (Donosti) together with the visual artist Isaías Griñolo; and Envioletá, with a residency at and co-produced by Centro Conde Duque (Madrid, 2023).
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