Hassan Khan
London, United Kingdom, 1975
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«Cairo-born Hassan Khan’s work is transdisciplinary, appropriating a range of techniques and media – spanning writing, music, performance, moving image and installation – to explore how anecdotal, personal or private experiences are choreographed by urban architectures, national history and popular culture. In addition, Khan has been a touring musician since the early 1990s and is involved with various bands and duos, as well as composing soundtracks for theatre and film. With a practice as interdisciplinary and multi-faceted as Khan’s, it has perhaps been difficult for curators to weave a common thread connecting the artist’s diverse work in installation, music, performance and moving image from 1995 to the present. Hassan Khan has been the subject of various survey exhibitions, namely Cairo Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in 2014, SALT in Istanbul in 2011 and Gasworks in London in 2006, but “The Portrait is an Address” at Beirut Art Center is the first to focus on the role of portraiture in his work.» --
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